Moving Tips & Tricks

Moving is stressful; possibly one of the most stressful things we do.  Anything to make it easier is a blessing.  Here is a list of tips and tricks I’ve found that make it a bit easier.

  • Get free boxes.  Scour online classifieds and Facebook groups, go to the grocery or liquor stores.  I have a client who recently was driving through a neighborhood and saw someone moving in and asked what they were doing with their boxes afterward–she went home with enough to pack her entire home! Don’t be shy!  Have the boxes ahead of time, so that when you begin packing, you are totally ready.
  • Use your luggage! Your clothing is heavy and putting it in boxes isn’t easy.  Don’t waste space hauling empty bags and luggage; use it for what it was made for.  More luggage than loose clothing? Use your rolling luggage for heavy items like books.
  • Speaking of clothes, don’t bother taking your hanging clothing off of the hangers! Take a few at a time, and cover them with a garbage bag. Poke the hangers through the top and your clothes are both protected and easy to pack.
  • Fill crockpots, pans, etc with your spices.  This uses otherwise empty space AND keeps your spices upright.
  • Brightly colored Duck Tape is an amazing tool when you’re moving.  Choose a different color for each room to close up your boxes.  This will be a huge help when you move into your new home, as you can just pack like colors into the rooms they are labeled for! But don’t forget–you still want to label the box with sharpie also!
  • Use clear tape for screws; it will both hold the screws well and it is easy to label with permanent marker.
  • Pack things like linens, towels, and blankets inside your washer and dryer.
  • Do your last grocery shopping two weeks before your move and have far less food waste.
  • Defrost your refrigerator and freezer 24 hours prior to moving.
  • Thread your necklaces through straws or roll your jewelry in towels to avoid tangles.
  • Don’t forget to purge!
  • Label cords and cables.

Do you have other tips? Please share!


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