Creative House Numbers

Little things add a lot of curb appeal.  Yes, house numbers are available at the hardware store, and they’re relatively inexpensive. But putting a little extra effort pays off big on curb appeal.  Here are a few fun ideas.


Contemporary Frosted Glass. Instructions here.


“Hit the nail on the head” with this easy project! Pick up a piece of wood of the right size from the scrap bin at the hardware store. Stain or paint if desired. Print out your house numbers in a bold font of the size you desire. Make sure to tape it to the house where it will be displayed, then step back and make sure it’s large enough to be seen from the street. Now tape the paper over the wood base. Starting in the center of each number and working your way out, tap nails into place within the printed number. The closer you can comfortably space the nails, the easier it will be to read. Use a needle nose pliers to hold each nail as you tap it into place. Try to get them straight! When finished, tear away the paper. This look would look great on both a more modern home, or if you are creating a more rustic feel.


Find instructions for these fun “bucket” house numbers here.


These are similar to the buckets, but with pots instead.


This one is a fun and inexpensive one that allows you to get creative. Instructions here.


I love this “grass” house number! It’s so fresh, modern and fun! Instructions here.


Use succulents and scrap wood to make this modern chic address plaque. Instructions here.


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