Garden Solutions for Every Space

Not all of us have the square footage, and let’s be honest time, or dedication for a home garden worthy of the cover of a gardening magazine, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to get our green thumbs a little dirty.  Below are eight solutions for people who want a garden but have limited space available.

Repurpose garden furniture
There are a number of stores that offer lawn, balcony or backyard furniture with planter space included. Make your greenery a part of where you entertain. A couple of planters can turn any space from boring to a mini nature oasis. You can turn the old bench, dresser or chair into a pretty planter with just a few small changes, a little love, and a lot of dirt.

Vertical or hanging garden
This can be a practical garden for herbs and veggies, something for purely aesthetic purposes or a combination of both, it’s entirely up to you. All you need is a space, some sunlight and you’re ready to get planting or seeding. For ideas on creating your own vertical garden click here.

Window boxes
Window boxes aren’t just for flowers they can be so much more. Both indoor and outdoor with enough sunlight you can grow your own fresh herbs or add a pop of color to almost any well situated window ledge. The best items for an indoor window ledge are herbs and cacti, but there are other less traditional options that you can try.

Indoor plants
For people without outdoor space you can still enjoy some extra oxygen in your place.  To see a listing of the best houseplants to improve your indoor air quality click here or to get a listing of easy indoor plants that won’t die on you click here.

Get elevated
This is probably not for someone who isn’t serious about their greenery, but once set up could be an annual solution to, well, your annuals. Elevated growing spaces are ideal for those who know they want a garden, but not willing or able to give up too much land this is a fantastic way to get the best of both worlds. For ideas on how to get set up click here and click here.

Balcony gardens
By implementing some of the space saving tools of the repurposed furniture, simple planters or a vertical garden you are well on your way to getting your green on high above the other gardens. There are a number of resources available on what will work best on your outdoor balcony garden (think tomatoes, lettuces, and strawberries), click here and here for more information.

Rooftop gardens 
Many buildings have rooftop gardens. Find out if you can participate or get on a waiting list for a plot of soil of your own. For ideas on building your own rooftop garden click here and here.

Community garden
Maybe you really don’t have the space you need. Consider looking for a local community garden where you can enjoy all of the many health benefits and bounty of your own garden without the sole obligation or space lost.

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