Clean Up Top

Dear Home Sellers,

Cleaning the bottom of your rooms and forgetting the top can be a huge turnoff to buyers. Not all buyers are 5’7.  Some of them are tall, and you need to keep that in mind. People see these things aren’t clean and think “If they cant clean their lights, what other crucial maintenance did the skip over?”

Here are the most commonly skipped areas:

1. Top of the light fixtures, especially the ones in the kitchen – grease, dead insects and dust.

2. Curtain rods, and top of the actual curtains – excellent accumulators of dust and spider webs

3. Top of the fridge – I will not even start a list of things that I happened to see over the years up there.

4. Top of the door and window frames

5. Picture and photograph frames

6. Top shelves of the book cases also books on the top shelves

7. Duct grills

8. Crown moldings

9. And finally – kitchen vent hoods!


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