Kitchen Remodel: one update is never enough.


Everyone has dreams of the perfect kitchen, but not all of our homes have it.  Remodeling a kitchen can be expensive and stressful. Doing it step by step sounds appealing, but, in reality, is hard to accomplish.  Updating the cabinets leads to upgrading the counters, which leads to upgrading the kitchen sink, which leads to updating the fixtures, which leads to upgrading appliances which leads to upgrading flooring, which leads to upgrading lighting and so forth.  The cost adds up fast, and living without the kitchen is not for the faint of heart.  Make sure you plan your remodel. Set your budget, and know that, typically, you’re going to need a 10% contingency.  Don’t get overly creative in your finishing choices, as a remodeled kitchen only appeals to buyers when it’s something they can see themselves in. I recommend planning your remodel a couple of months ahead of time as well, so you have a solid grasp on how much work it will take, and how much money you’ll need to budget.

Having an updated, functional kitchen is a huge selling point, and will add value to your home. But be ready, because your kitchen remodeling journey can be a bumpy ride if not well thought out in advance.

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