Protecting Your Home While it’s Listed

Many people are concerned about the security of their home while it is listed. Keep in mind that your home will not be accessible to anyone except a licensed realtor who will escort potential buyers through your home. Only licensed realtors have the ability to open the keybox to gain access to your home. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do to ensure the security of your home while it is listed for sale.

  • Ask your realtor to use a sign-in sheet for everyone who comes into the house during open houses.
  • Make sure your realtor places keys are secured in a keybox.
  • For multilevel homes, feel free to ask your agent to bring an assistant to open houses so that all floors are covered at all times.
  • Remove valuables from view and store them in a safe, locked place.
  • Remove all prescription medicines and lock those up, too.
  • Don’t forget to put away small electronics, such as laptops, iPads, smartphones, and other electronic devices that are easy to pick up and tuck in a pocket.
  • Make sure your desktop computers are locked with a passcode.
  • Bills, checks, bank statements, passports, and ID cards should be secured.
  • Don’t use any heirlooms or valuable possessions to stage your rooms.
  • Consult with your homeowner insurance provider to make sure you are adequately covered while your home is offered for sale.

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