Staging your Home: the do’s & don’ts.


A well staged home is a great way to attract a buyer.  The standard guideline for staging your home is to de-clutter and depersonalize. The problem with that standard though, is that many people take it too far.  You don’t want to make your home feel empty or sterile, it should feel cozy and lived in, but you also want your buyers to be able to envision your home being theirs.  Dozens of family pictures could make it hard for a buyer to envision their own family in your home, but one or two family photos bring life to the space.  Flowers are also a great touch.  Stick with what is in season, and if you don’t want to commit to fresh flowers, use silk ones.  Keep your flower arrangements simple, nothing too fussy. Contrary to popular belief, you should use artificial scents sparingly.  Having a strong fragrance can turn buyers off, as they may think you’re trying to hide something.  Lastly, the temperature of your home during a showing is very important.  Keep your house warm, as it will be more welcoming to buyers.  Homes that are cold during showings raise many red flags (insulation problems, heating system problems, etc.).

Ready to list your home?  Visit the “resources” section of my website where you’ll find a printable checklist to prepare your home for listing.

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