Pricing Your Home to Sell

Pricing your home to sell can be complicated, and I’ve had a lot of people ask lately about having competitive market analysis (CMA) done for their home (I offer this service, free of charge).  Pricing your home is the most important thing for both you, the seller, and for me, the Realtor.  Pricing your home too high can mean that your home will just sit on the market, and the longer a home is on the market, the less interest people will have in it, as they will think that there is either something wrong with it, or that it is overpriced.  Often times, homes that are overpriced sell for less than they would have if they had been priced right to begin with.  Buyers decide their offer price based on a comparison of your home to homes that have sold in your area.  Generally, your first offer will be your best offer.  The market is constantly changing, so pricing your home based on what you paid for it, what a website tells you, what your neighbor says, or what it would cost to rebuild is not accurate.  We will price your home competitively, getting you the best price, while getting your home sold quickly.


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