The $106 Bathroom Remodel

Today’s blog is written by my wonderful assistant, Desirae Downing.

My bathroom needed upgrading, and I wanted it to be quick and inexpensive. In an era full of DIY shows and Pinterest ideas, it’s pretty easy to find yourself dreaming of updates that you can’t afford or are a little over your level of expertise.  I’ve found myself biting off a little more than I can chew once or twice after seeing the “easy” step-by-step tutorial [note: “easy” must be a highly situational word].  This is proof that sometimes, those projects can be successful.

Here is how I brought my bathroom up-to-date with just over $100 and a weekend:

  • $20 “Granite” Countertops.  I was skeptical about this one, but there was a horrible Formica countertop in my bathroom that needed to be covered, and I figured if I hated it, I’d still be able to cover it up. They turned out really nice. I’m not saying that they look exactly like granite, but they look a lot better than Formica, and I did it for under $20. I used this tutorial:    
  • Install glass tile backsplash (we just adhered it straight to the wall)
  • Prime & Paint (walls, vanity, trim–everything you don’t like)
  • Add new hardware to vanity
  • Install “barnwood” wall. We did this behind the toilet as an accent. We played off of that by also framing window, mirror, and trim in the same wood.
  • Install “stick” tiles. These were around $0.84 each, and they are literally peal & stick. We used an exacto-blade to cut them down where we needed to.  We also removed our toilet and put the tiles under them, so we needed a new wax seal.
  • We also got rid of the horrible cabinet door we had opposite our vanity, and used matching baskets to put our bathroom stuff in to keep it out of sight.


There are certainly other upgrades that need to be done in this bathroom (horrible sink and faucet, for one), but it is so much better, and we spent very little, which makes me much happier! Do you have a DIY success story? I’d love to hear it!

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